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Sat Mar 16 17:29:39 2019

Asia 4v4 S1 - Playoffs


With Week 5 of Asia 4v4 S1 over, we have come to the decision of starting Playoffs a bit earlier as everybody has played each other by now. These Playoffs will be Double Elimination, with the Top 4 teams receiving a spot based off of the current seedings.
This upcoming week will be a week off, with Playoffs starting the following week (26/03/19). The teams listed below are in order of the seedings for this Playoffs:

  1. Thanos.exe
  2. Edelweiss
  3. Suwana Fan Club
  4. Kampung Boys

Any teams not listed have missed the cutoff for Playoffs, and will be receiving Participation Medals. Teams who place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be getting their respective Medals, with 4th place getting a Participation Medal.

Challonge Playoffs


Week 1 - Upper Bracket Round 1.
Week 2 - Upper Bracket Semifinals & Lower Bracket Round 1.
Week 3 - Lower Bracket Round 2.
Week 4 - Upper Bracket Grand Finals.

Map Pool

The map pool for these Playoffs will be every map (including Week 6) from the Regular Season.

1. koth_maple_ridge_b6
2. koth_airfield_b7
3. koth_cascade_rc1a
4. cp_warmfrost_rc1
5. koth_stallone_b2
6. koth_product_rc9

Map Picks / Bans

Best of 1 Map

Home Team Bans
Away Team Bans
Home Team Bans
Away Team Bans

Best of 3 Maps (Semifinals and Grand Finals only)

Home Team Bans
Away Team Bans
Home Team Picks
Away Team Picks
Away Team Bans
Home Team Picks

We expect every team captain to already be in our Discord, as this makes it easier to mediate and resolve disputes. Please contact staff with any and all issues. You are required to get staff approval of any and every mercenary.

Mon Mar 11 06:20:51 2019

Some much needed website updates and fixes

These are a long time coming, and are not all of the fixes that will be released. Please find a short, simplified list of the changes made so far below:

- Updated Competitive Rules page with all necessary information.
- Updated Community Rules, Staff List, Map Schedule and Credits pages.
- Updated About and Help pages.
- Removed Highlander Guide and replaced with Website Guide which will be coming shortly.
- Server Guide has been moved to the forums for easier updating.
- Fixed SourceTV Demos link.
- Added Forums back to the left sidebar / navbar.
- Fixed some scalability and responsiveness issues.
- Added Steam Group link to the right sidebar (check our Steam Group out!)

There are more changes to come, more content and better features. Some of the upcoming changes and features can be found below (but not limited to):

- Entire page dedicated to further explaining the Swiss System and Bracketing.
- Pugs Guide

Sun Mar 3 23:08:43 2019

Some information regarding Match Organization

Over the last few weeks we have noticed an emerging and alarming behaviour of teams constricting what days can be played in a week for the opposing team. So we will clarify what the match days are below, and state our expectations regarding organization, along with how the rules engage it.

ANZ - Monday - Saturday
Asia - Tuesday - Sunday

This alarming behaviour we have been noticing is stemming from the belief that teams and team captains don’t have to conform to our rules. Keep trying this and we’ll see how that goes. There are some rule changes that teams need to note:

  • Each team is now REQUIRED to have a minimum of four playable
    match days
    per match week. This is non-negotiable, if you cannot
    have these days along with proof that your team can make these days,
    then you will be looked past when resolving a dispute between you and
    a team that does have those days.

  • Match Ransoming is getting an update - failure to present viable
    reasoning for why your team cannot play prior to the Match
    Organization deadline will result in penalty. If a team does not
    produce this evidence upon request from the opposing captain, they
    can contact an administrator.

All match negotiations, along with the time and day of when the match will be played, will be complete prior to the times below for each region, or captain’s will start to see accruing penalties.

ANZ - Tuesday 11:59PM AEDT
Asia - Wednesday 11:59PM AEDT

This does NOT mean that matches need to be played by then. This means that all match details other than a server are organized and sorted prior to this time. First offenses will be left to admin discretion depending on the situation, however a second offense will be a defaulted match loss for your team’s next match. We will not stand for the poor behaviour and sportsmanship that has been present so far. We recognize this is something we have dropped the ball on so far, and we feel this is an important first step to rectifying this.

Mon Feb 25 17:24:49 2019

An Open Letter - Toxicity and Poor Behaviour

This addressed to all players, captains and wider community members. We will no longer tolerate toxicity inside and outside of matches, we will no longer tolerate witch hunts targeted at someone you feel “may” be using a third party program, and we will no longer tolerate poor behaviour at any level of play.

There seems to be a general ignorance for rules surrounding our league, and we would like to clear some things up:

To claim a forfeit due to the other team not readying up 15 minutes after your own team has readied, you must seek an online staff member. We will then mediate the process between both captains. It is your responsibility to respectfully make the other captain aware that you have contacted a staff member regarding this.

“How you use the pauses are up to you, but cannot in any circumstances be used within the first 10 minutes of the match” this rule is overly vague, we understand that. The rule still stands, if you have started a match without all of your players, you cannot use a pause to get them in for the first 10 minutes of a match. If you lose a player within this time then of course you can use your pause. In fact, you can use 3 pauses per match, with each not lasting any longer than 5 minutes, and combined cannot be over 10 minutes.

If you are unsure about any rules, refer to our rules page or ask in #admin-support. Please be aware some rules have been amended since and still need to be updated on the rules page.

Now to the topic that way too many people are now aware of. When you come across a suspected “cheater”, there is a certain process to follow. In fact, this process is almost the same for every league. The funny part about it being the same, is that typically the opposite is also true. For example, there is no point publicly pointing the finger at someone you suspect to be cheating, this will just force them to become smarter about how they play with their clients.

A post originally by madjacks and obla on the ozfortress forums perfectly sums up what we have seen so far, and what the expectations are.
(a small exert for those who are too lazy to click the link)
Sourced from:
I highly suggest reading the rest of their post, it sums up our feelings right about now.

I think by now you should be getting the point on both of these subjects. Now something I do want to make sure everybody is on the same page about is the punishments. We have never tried to introduce an environment where we sweep this behaviour under the rug, and this behaviour is not acceptable in any public medium, anywhere. For the people who have involved themselves, and for anyone else who knows what situations have occurred for this post to be made, then please also be aware that if you are caught throwing fuel to the fire so to speak, you won’t be around for much longer.

Mon Feb 18 14:53:03 2019

Asia Highlander Season 1 - Map Schedule & More Information!

After a period of uncertainty, we are closing signups for Asia Highlander on Sunday 24th @ 10PM GMT +8. While it is a late start to our season, we will be a six week regular season and normal length playoffs season, however it will eat into our regular season break (probably only one week).

We have secured server providers for the region, a list of which can be seen in our #how-to-get-a-server channel of our discord. We have ensured that all bookable providers have our configs and whitelists. If you would like to see our whitelist, refer to the link at the bottom of this post.

Our weekly schedule is now opened to a 6 day match week, with Monday being the only day that cannot be played. By opening Tuesday - Sunday up, we can give everybody the option to schedule their matches around other commitments.

We understand our initial release of the season was not successful, but we believe by listening to further feedback we can shape our league into something the community can get behind. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to drop it in our #ticket-submissions channel, you can use .new to create a ticket and drop feedback in anonymously. By using this bot, we can easily keep track of any and all feedback.

Map Schedule (Regular Season):
1. pl_borneo
2. koth_product_rc9
3. pl_upward
4. cp_steel
5. koth_ashville_rc1
6. pl_badwater_pro_v12
Playoffs map pool includes the 6 maps above.

Highlander Guide -
Server Guide -
Respawn League Discord -